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Real Estate Settlements and Closings

When Your Home Is on the Line, You Need Someone Looking Out for You

One of the reasons for today’s real estate mess is the mistakes of yesterday. Buyers went to settlement and homeowners refinanced without their own independent representation. In too many cases, the same interests owned the building company, the real estate agency, the mortgage lender, and the closing company. Title work was carelessly done online by an agency not only out-of-the-area, but out-of-state. No one advised the buyer or the homeowner about the details of the deal.

Don’t be misled. Your real estate settlement is more than just “sign here.” Real estate transactions involve legal procedures and entail legal documents. Your real estate settlement affects your legal rights and responsibilities far into the future. Your real estate settlement affects your ownership of and title to your property far into the future. A non-attorney title agent does not address any legal issues that could arise and may have no loyalty or legal duty to you.

Be Guided, Not Herded.

Are you buying today? Are you refinancing? Do you want to blindly sign papers in front of an untrained notary or a closing agent whose first loyalty is to the bank? Or do you want to choose your own attorney as your settlement agent? Do you want your own attorney to review the documents, explain them to you, and look out for your interests?

In residential real estate transactions, under Maryland law, you have the right to choose.

Compare Carefully

It may not cost you any more to settle through your own attorney than to settle through somebody else’s title company. And when real costs are considered having your transaction settled by a reputable law firm may be your cost-wise alternative. All settlements handled by the Firm of Shaw & Crowson are conducted by an attorney. The Firm is adept at meeting the needs of Mortgage Brokers and their Borrowers.

Only an Attorney Can Give You Legal Advice.

FSBO (For Sale by Owner) Program

A “For Sale by Owner” real estate transaction can benefit both the seller and the buyer by reducing costs. But the details can be daunting. What is required to form an enforceable contract? Are there provisions that state or county law requires be included? How does the “law of fixtures” apply?

As attorneys, Ann Shaw (Of Counsel) and Michael (Mike) Crowson can help home sellers and home buyers to formalize a written contract as needed by most lenders and that complies with Maryland law. Our firm can also handle all of the legal work needed to close a “For Sale by Owner” transaction.

Title Questions

How you “take title” to your real estate determines your legal rights to the property. How you take title to the property may limit or expand the claims that any of your creditors may make upon the property. If you own property as sole owner, it may be more at risk to your creditors than if you own it as tenants by the entireties with your husband or wife. Sometimes adding your children to the deed for your property can be desirable. Sometimes, it can be disastrous.

Title, chain of title, and title abstracts can be confusing, or downright indecipherable to the average person.

Foreclosure Purchases

The best real estate values in the market today may be properties purchased through foreclosure. As experienced real estate lawyers, we can assist you with bidding in and buying properties at auction or negotiating directly with the lender to purchase foreclosed upon real estate.

Contact Eastern Shore Home Closing Lawyers

Here, at the Law Firm of Shaw & Crowson, P.A., we can explain the legal nuances of real estate titles to you. We can help you compare one form of taking title to another. And we can counsel you as to what would be best for you.

We can also traverse the land records maze and help unravel real estate title problems.

Practicing Real Estate Law in Maryland for More Than 20 Years

The Law Firm Shaw & Crowson, P.A., has been handling real estate settlements and closings for more than 20 years. A non-attorney title agent or settlement processor cannot address any of the legal issues that may arise during the settlement process. Only an attorney can provide you, the buyer or borrower, with competent legal advice. All settlements at The Law Firm of Shaw & Crowson, P.A., are conducted by an experienced Salisbury real estate settlement attorney admitted to practice before the Court of Appeals of the State of Maryland.

The Law Firm of Shaw & Crowson makes best efforts to comply with the regulations of the Federal Consumer Protection Bureau and the Best Practices “Seven Pillars of Compliance”.
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