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Maryland District Court Defense Sued in District Court? Protect Your Rights.

Your creditors have the power to sue you in District Court. Once the creditor obtains a judgment, your wages can be garnished and your bank account can be attached. This means less money for you and your family.

Don’t just ignore the problem while your creditor gets a judgment against you. Deal with your creditor problems head on. Don’t be powerless in District Court.

Attorney Michael E. Crowson (Mike) offers professional competent District Court representation at a reasonable cost.

You want Mike to represent you in District Court because:

You meet personally with Mike before your court date — not on your court date. He reviews and prepares your defense ahead of time.

Mike handles hundreds of District Court cases each year, so he knows his way around the courts and the court system.

Mike knows both sides. He has been doing creditor–collection work for nearly 10 years. He understands how creditors “think.”

He knows the technical defenses to “second-hand” claims. If you are being sued by a collection agency instead of the original creditor, he is armed with an extra arsenal of defenses. Mike knows how these new rules could benefit you. If you don’t know about these new rules, you could be harmed by an avoidable judgment.

Already Have a Judgment Against You? Protect Your Property.

Even if you already have a judgment against you, Salisbury district court defense attorney Mike Crowson knows the legal exemptions you are entitled to so that you keep your exempt property. He can protect your property under Maryland law.

Mike has a thorough grasp of the parameters and benefits of tenants by the entireties property protections. These protections may apply to both your home and your personal property.

Mike not only defends you in District Court; he can explain all of your out-of-court legal options, assist you to plan strategically, and help you to keep as much of your money and property as the law allows.

Don’t avoid your mail! Don’t avoid court! And don’t allow your wages to be garnished or your bank account seized before talking to Mike.

Call on Mike before the worst happens.

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Don’t avoid your mail, avoid court, then have your wages garnished or your bank account seized. Deal with your creditor problems assertively. Call Mike Crowson at The Law Firm of Shaw and Crowson, P.A., before the worst happens.

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