Tax Relief

“An unlimited power to tax [is] a power to destroy.”

American Patriot Daniel Webster


If YOU owe taxes to the IRS you worry about the power the IRS has over you.  If you owe taxes to the State of Maryland, the anxiety is every bit as bad.

You live every day with the threat that your bank account will be levied, your wages garnished, your assets seized.  A lien could be filed against your home.  If you need a professional license to earn your living, you fear that you cannot get it renewed.  You even face a revocation of your passport.

And now, due to a change in the federal law, the IRS can use private debt collectors to come after your income and assets.  This can be embarrassing and harassing.

And while, yes, every citizen should pay their fair share of taxes, there are genuine situations where a person – for good reason – cannot pay their taxes as soon as the IRS or the State demands.

Are you already suffering through the TAX COLLECTION process?  Have you passed from the relatively pleasant reminders to ugly notices with threatening words like “levy” or “garnishment”?  Has your money been grabbed from your bank account?  Or, when you get your paycheck do you feel like you’re just working for the IRS?

Have you been unable to finance a car, buy a home, or even get a bank loan because IRS levies have ruined your credit?



The Law Firm of Shaw & Crowson, P.A. is here for you.

We are not an anonymous website with no address given, only a toll free could-be-anywhere phone number.  Our Law Firm has been here, in Salisbury, for more than twenty years.  We can help with tax problems on the Eastern Shore, or across the Bay.

And, you can count on us to be honest with you.  We will not make you glossy promises that can’t be kept.  We will advise you realistically about your options.

We are ready to stand between you and the tax collector.  We will advocate for you.  We can give the IRS or the State of Maryland good, persuasive reasons to release that levy or stop that garnishment.

And we can get you through the maze of forms, instructions, and procedures required by the IRS and the State.

Better – we are attorneys that practice in the State of Maryland and Federal Court.  No non-lawyer can represent you in Court or even give you legal advice.

We have handled hundreds of Bankruptcy cases in the United States Bankruptcy Court for the District of Maryland. Many taxpayers who have IRS problems have other debt problems, too.   If you need to resort to Bankruptcy, we are here to help you with that.

Tax debt does not have to destroy you.  We can help you get your financial life back.



The Law Firm of Shaw & Crowson, P.A.

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