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Some local firms practice bankruptcy law, and some have recently shifted to this area because of our national economic difficulties. Far-flung firms on the Western Shore also provide bankruptcy legal services, but require that you either 1) travel across the peninsula and across the bay, or 2) correspond electronically with an attorney you’ll never meet.

The Law Firm of Shaw & Crowson, P.A., offers an alternative: experienced, knowledgeable and professional bankruptcy legal services in downtown Salisbury, three blocks from where your bankruptcy case will likely be resolved — the Salisbury courthouse. If you want an understanding lawyer by your side,
contact our law firm for a confidential consultation regarding your concerns.

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Our proficiency in bankruptcy law is reflected in our experience and in our commitment. Salisbury bankruptcy lawyer
Ann Shaw (Of Counsel) has practiced bankruptcy law since 1981, and has practiced bankruptcy law in Salisbury since 1990. This experience predates our current economic slowdown and recent changes in the bankruptcy laws. Our firm’s commitment is reflected in Ann Shaw (Of Counsel)’s many professional activities as an attorney:

  • She is a founding member of the Eastern Shore Bankruptcy Bar Association.
  • Along with the Eastern Shore Bankruptcy Bar Association, she facilitated changes in Maryland’s bankruptcy exemptions law, doubling the amount of exemptions debtors can claim.
  • She was involved in the promotion of Maryland’s Protection of Homeowners in Foreclosure Act (PHIFA), which has protected homeowners from scams and fraud since 2005.
  • Together with the late Alexander Gordon IV and the Eastern Shore Bankruptcy Bar Association, she conducted a thorough analysis of homestead exemptions allowed in other states and presented compelling information before the Maryland legislature and the House of Delegates Judiciary Committee in favor of a new Homestead Exemption law in Maryland — which went into effect October 1, 2010.

Helping Businesses. Helping Families. Helping You.

Bankruptcy law is complex but, for now, you need only understand your options:

  • Chapter 7 bankruptcyis often referred to as the “fresh start” bankruptcy, under which exempt assets are protected and debts are wiped clean. Debtors must qualify for Chapter 7 bankruptcy under what is known as the bankruptcy Means Test Analysis. Individuals who do not qualify for Chapter 7 may still qualify for Chapter 13 bankruptcy.
  • Chapter 13 bankruptcyis often called the “payment plan” bankruptcy, under which payments are consolidated, reduced, made (over a three- to five-year repayment plan) and, eventually, eliminated. Chapter 13 bankruptcy has disposable-income requirements for filers.

We can help individuals facing issues ranging from credit card debt and rising energy costs to job loss, creditor harassment, the loss of overtime pay and adjustable rate mortgages. We also can help homeowners facing potential foreclosure evaluate their options to avoid foreclosure through Chapter 13 bankruptcy, a mortgage mitigation, or foreclosure mediation.

We can help businesses retain assets and remain in operation while reducing debt through business bankruptcy proceedings, workouts, or other strategies.

While many individuals believe that bankruptcy is cheaper to handle on their own, the truth of the matter is that hiring an attorney now can save you large sums of money in the long run.

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Don’t commit to the time and expense of driving all the way to the Western Shore. Contact our team at The Law Firm of Shaw & Crowson, P.A., with questions regarding consumer or business bankruptcy. Call 410-742-9171.

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