Chapter 12

Eastern Shore Chapter 12 Farm or Fisherman Reorganization Bankruptcy Lawyers

Very few attorneys, even very few experienced bankruptcy attorneys, have dealt with Chapter 12 bankruptcy proceedings. A Chapter 12 is an adjustment of debt. It is only available to
family farmers and fishermen.The Eastern Shore of Maryland is an agricultural area. We have a wealth of family farms. But, in a tough economy, keeping the wealth of the family farm may seem impossible.The Eastern Shore of Maryland is surrounded by water. We have generations of families who have worked hard earning their living out of the sea. In these times, this way of life is more threatened than ever.If you are a fishermen or a farmer struggling with your finances, The Law Firm of Shaw & Crowson, P.A., can help. Contact our Salisbury law firm to put hope back in your life and give you the fresh start you deserve.

Experienced Chapter 12 Representation in Salisbury, Maryland

Family farmers and fishermen have a unique chapter of the Bankruptcy Code available only to them. Under Chapter 12, family farmers and fishermen have the kind of opportunity offered to businesses under a business reorganization and the kind of payment plan possibility allowed by a Chapter 13.

A Chapter 12 filing involves a reorganization plan. Under this plan, the farmer or fisherman continues to operate as a functioning business. Secured debt is dealt with either outside the plan, or under a “cash collateral” order. Unsecured debt is paid over the term of the plan, and often needs to be paid only in part. Creditors subject to the plan are held at bay while the plan is in place. Like other bankruptcies, the filing of a Chapter 12 keeps these creditors from suing the family farmer or fisherman in state court or seizing assets.

Assisting With Both Pre- and Post-Bankruptcy Options

If you are a family farmer or fisherman with debt problems, does it make any sense to consult with a lawyer who has never filed a Chapter 12 or had a Chapter 12 plan confirmed? Why depend on someone who cannot offer you all your options?

At The Law Firm of Shaw and Crowson, P.A., we can address every option. We understand your concerns and can talk about asset protections and like strategies. We can consider informal workouts, and we can explain and pursue a Chapter 12 adjustment of debts if that will be your best alternative.

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