Maryland Estates 38 Trusts Law

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Maryland Estates and Trusts Law

New Maryland law became effective October 1, 2010, which included an important change in Maryland’s Estates and Trusts law that applies to all married couples.

Most married couples in Maryland hold title to their home as tenants by the entireties. This form of vesting provides that if one spouse dies, full ownership of the home automatically shifts to the other spouse without the need for probate.

New Maryland Estates and Trusts Law

The new statute provides that, if property held by a husband and wife as tenants by the entireties is conveyed into a trust, it will still be protected from the claims of their individual creditors. This protection continues as long as:

  • The couple remains married
  • The property continues to be held in the trust
  • Both the husband and the wife are beneficiaries of the trust

Reliance on the new law as an
asset protection strategy when facing bankruptcy or other financial concerns will require the careful advice of experienced legal counsel. The protection may be waived under many circumstances.

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